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The Zenit 122 is a 35mm SLR made in Russia by KMZ, introduced in 1990 — one of a long series of Zenits. Lenses have the 42mm screw thread fitting; the standard lens was a 58mm f2 Helios.

This Zenit model features an ABS plastic body and a TTL light meter, displaying on the right of the viewfinder as red LEDs, for over and under exposure, and a green one for correct settings. (The earliest versions had a system using two red LEDs.) The ground-glass focusing screen has microprism and split-image focus aids.

The focal plane shutter has speeds from 1/30 to 1/500 + В.

There is a self-timer, set by first locking down the shutter release, then setting a thumbwheel on the (photographer's) right-hand end of the camera, and then firing the timer using the button on the front, below the 122 marking; below that is the self-timer indicator.


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