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Zeiss Ikon Kolibri

The Kolibri 523/18 was made by Zeiss Ikon in Germany, c.1930-1935; it took sixteen 3x4cm exposures on 127 film. The camera featured a collapsible lens tube and was arranged in a vertical format, with a flip-up viewfinder on the top. On the right-hand side was the winding knob and a tripod bush; there was another tripod bush at the bottom. The lens had small "feet" on either side, so the camera would stand horizontally, and a strut could be fixed below the lens to balance the camera vertically. There were two red windows on the back, for the small image format. A supplementary close-up lens was available, called Proxar, which allowed focusing down to 30cm.

  • Lens: Carl Zeiss Tessar 5cm/f3.5 or f4.5, Novar f6.3 or Biotar f2.
  • Shutter: Compur (1-1/300s + T & B) or Telma (1/25, 1/50, 1/100 + B & T)
  • Film: 127, 16 3x4cm images


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