The Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic viewfinder cameras were made by Bilora for Zeiss Ikon. Three versions were available: the Ikomatic CF for use with flashcubes, the Ikomatic F with connector and reflector for flash bulbs, and the Ikomatic A with automatic aperture and hot shoe. Two symbols (head, mountain) served for distance selection with the selector around the front lens.

specifications Ikomatic F/CFEdit

specifications Ikomatic AEdit

  • Type: viewfinder camera
  • Manufacturer: Bilora
  • Year of launch: 1965
  • Film: 126 film cartridges
  • Lens: Color Citar (= Color Bilotar) 1:6.3/40mm
  • Shutter: speeds 1/30 sec. with flash, 1/90 sec. with automatic aperture
  • Aperture: controlled by selenium photo cell: 1:6.3 to estimated 1:16
  • Viewfinder: telescope finder with red/green symbols for correct lighting
  • Dimensions: 125×71×55 mm
  • Weight: 250 g


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