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The Ikoflex II (851/16) is a TLR camera that was made by Zeiss Ikon from 1936 onwards. Confusingly, it was renamed Ikoflex I in 1939[1]. It created 6x6cm negatives (or slides) on 120 film.


  • Taking lens: Carl Zeiss Jena, or Zeiss-Opton T (coated), Tessar 75mm, f/3.5. (10 aperture blades).
  • Viewing lens: Teronar-Anigstigmat f/3.5
  • Focusing range: 3 feet 6 inches to infinity.
  • Shutter: Zeiss Ikon Compur-Rapid, T/B/1s - 1/500s or Prontor 1-1/300s.
  • Double-exposure prevention, because the camera must be wound on before firing. If the film counter has reached past 12, the shutter will also not fire.


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