Contessamatic is a series of 35mm film viewfinder / rangefinder cameras manufactured by Zeiss Ikon AG., Stuttgart, former West Germany and produced between 1960-63.

Contessa was the name given to a family of cameras produced by Zeiss Ikon in Stuttgart that folders between 1950-1955 and compact rangefinder/viewfinder cameras between 1960-1971. These were mid to high-end cameras. Non-folding cameras were Contessa, Contessamatic and Contessamat.


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  • Produced between 1960-1961
  • Same as the but no rangefinder
  • On the top plate there is an engraving "Contessa", no "Contessamatic" name on the camera
  • Viewfinder
  • Lens: Tessar 50mm f2.8
  • Shutter: Prontor SLK Spezial
  • Coupled Selenium cell exposure meter
  • Exposure setting: match the needles in the window on the top plate, by turning the aperture and speeds setting ring on the lens

Contessamatic EEdit


Contessamatic E

Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 5.21.42 PM

  • Produced between 1960-1963
  • "Contessa" name on front of the lens and no name on top and no "Contessamatic E" name on the camera
  • Coupled rangefinder (E means Entfernungsmesser = Rangefinder)
  • Lens: Tessar 50mm f2.8
  • Shutter Prontor SLK Spezial
  • M X sync.
  • Coupled Selenium cell exposure meter
  • Exposure setting: pre-select a speed, match the pointer on the triangular mark in the viewfinder, by turning the aperture and speeds setting ring on the lens; there is a exposure meter indicator on the top plate also.


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