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Zeh was a German camera maker during the 1920s and 1930s, based in Dresden. Their full name was either Zeh-Camera-Fabrik or Paul Zeh Kamerawerk depending on the source. Among others, they made the very original Zeca-Flex 6×6 folding TLR, and the small Goldi 3×4 folding camera. Some cameras made by Zeh have been sold under other names.


3×4 folding Edit

6×6 folding TLR Edit

6×9 folding Edit

  • Bettax
  • Bobby
  • Elos
  • Fox-Radial
  • Renox (6x9)
  • ZeCa Sport

6.5×9 folding plate Edit

  • Zeca
Camera industry in Dresden
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Camera distributors in Dresden
Camera industry in Freital
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9×12 folding plate Edit

  • Zeca


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  • Camera at

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