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Yashica fri obj 50mm

Yashica FR I

The Yashica FR1 was an electronically-controlled 35mm film SLR camera made by Yashica and produced between 1977_81.

Based on the earlier Contax RTS and Yashica FR, the FR1 combined some of the best attributes of those cameras. Equipped with the C/Y common bayonet mount, the FR1 could accept a variety of Yashica / Contax lenses and was targeted at serious amateur and professional photographers who did not need the added features of the more expensive Contax RTS. It had an electronically-controlled shutter with speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000 (plus B), two exposure modes - manual and aperture priority - as well as DOF preview, self-timer, and full exposure information visible in the viewfinder.

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