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Yamanashi Seisanbu (山梨生産部) was a Japanese company active in 1948, based in Kōfu in the prefecture of Yamanashi. It is known from advertisements for the Bolex dated 1948.[1]

Notes Edit

  1. Advertisement in Shoho no rajio January 1948 reproduced in Ōjima, p.4 of Camera Collectors' News no.172.

Bibliography Edit

  • Ōjima (大島毅). "Shidakkusu (futsu-sei) to Borekkusu (nihon-sei)" (シダックス[仏製]とボレックス[日本製], Sidax [made in France] and Bolex [made in Japan]). In Camera Collectors' News no.172 (October 1991). Nishinomiya: Camera Collectors News-sha.

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