The Cambo X2-Pro View Camera System is a modern variant of the view camera, introduced in 2006 by Cambo, Netherlands. With their years of experience in making monorail cameras the Cambo people created something new with a sack type bellows and a back where a modern DSLR must be attached. That together with a lens of focal length between 28mm and 150mm gives a kind of view camera, recommended by its maker as modern architecture camera. The precision construction using Cambo's patented cross-gearing drive for bellows expansion movement, and knobs for exact shift, vertical tilt and horizontal swing adjustments of the front-standard. Two spirit levels help assuring right positioning of the camera for exact geometric corrections of perspective thru this kind of lens board movements. The principle of this camera is kind of two cameras, the one without lens, the other without screen and media, making together one exciting modern view camera.

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