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Edixa Reflex-B

Edixa Reflex-B

Edixa Reflex-B is a 35mm film SLR camera made by Wirgin and produced between 1957-60.

Foe a short time in 1957-58, the camera was called Edixa Reflex II/A in catalogues, then Edixa Reflex B. It was marked Edixa Reflex-B from 1959. It was also sold as Astraflex 1000 and 1000LM by Sterling-Howard of New York.

It is like Edixa Reflex-A but with internally coupled diaphragm control for auto lenses. [1]

See also the articles Wirgin Edixa series (SLR models) and Wirgin Edixa Reflex

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown's p.1008


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