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Voigt Wirgin 75mm Meniscar Lens

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Voigt Wirgin folding camera (closed)

A 6x9 folding, 120 format camera produced in 1946 by the Vokar Corporation[1]. The camera has a plastic body with metal top and bottom plates decorated with Art Deco motfs. Film advance and rewind knobs are on the top plate. Lugs for carry straps are absent, but a single ring is provided on the completely removable back. A number of lens variations are known:
  • a 75mm f4.5 fixed focus Meniscus lens in a simple Instant and Bulb shutter.
  • a 75mm f4.5 lens in a US-made shutter (not identified as yet)

The camera is built-identical with the Voigt Junior and was also sold in Germany badged as by Wirgin in Wiesbaden. It is one of the very few US-made but German-badged cameras.[2]


Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Western Photographic Historical Society
  2. Manual for the Wirgin Junior at OrphanCameras

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