The Wica Wetzlar is a medium format ultra wide angle camera, to be used with a Schneider Super-Angulon 38mm, 47mm or 58mm, attached via a bayonet to the body's shift lens mount. The maximum picture format is 6x8cm (56x76mm). The rear back is common with the Mamiya RZ system, and can adapt Mamiya RB backs too. According to Michele Vacchiano's site, three versions exist:

  • Wica-0
  • Wica-M, same as Wica-0 with a wooden grip and a flexible shutter release
  • Wica-E, same as Wica-M with an electical shutter release

It seems Wica stands for Wide Camera, and is not related to the other Wica, an Austrian Leica copy.

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