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data-rte-instance="211208-13762474134e5748adb673f" class="placeholder placeholder-double-brackets" src="blank.gif" type="double-brackets" /> Werlisa is currently a trademark of Propoint, a company in Madrid (Spain). data-RTE-instance = "211208-13762474134e5748adb673f" class = "placeholder placeholder-double-haakjes" src = "blank.gif" type = "double-haakjes" /> <- RTE:: {"plaatsen": 0, "type": "LINE_BREAK"} -> Werlisa is op dit moment een handelsmerk van Propoint < / b>, een bedrijf in Madrid (Spanje).''''''' It offers cameras, camera accessories, watches and weather stations. Het biedt camera's, camera-accessoires, horloges en weerstations. The manufacturer of past Werlisa cameras was De fabrikant van het verleden Werlisa camera's was data-rte-instance="211208-13762474134e5748adb673f" href="/wiki/Certex" title="Certex">Certex, based in Barcelona. data-RTE-instance = "211208-13762474134e5748adb673f" href = "/ wiki / Kwint" title = "Kwint"> Kwint , gevestigd in Barcelona. '

'The pictured camera is a Werlisa I, same model as the Wesa I. '

'Features: '

  • 'Year/Año: 1959 '
  • 'Lens/Objetivo acromático: f:7,5/50 mm.'

'De afgebeelde camera is een Werlisa ik, hetzelfde model als de Wesa I. ' 'Kenmerken: '

    • 'Jaar / Año: 1959 '
      • 'Lens / Objetivo acromático: f: 7,5 / 50 mm.'
      • 'Shutter/Obturador: IP '
      • 'film/película: 135 24x36 '
    • 'Sluiter / Obturador: IP '
      • 'film / Pelicula: 135 24x36 '

'data-rte-instance="211208-13762474134e5748adb673f" class="placeholder placeholder-double-brackets" src="blank.gif" type="double-brackets" /> '


' data-RTE-instance = "211208-13762474134e5748adb673f" href = "" class = "externe tekst" rel = "nofollow"> Collectie G. Zelfs 's site

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