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Top > Down= Model W, Model E variant A, Model E variant B


Top down= Model E variant B, Model E variant A, Model W

Z99 Welmy Six E Camera 002

Welmy Six W --- Back & Top

Z99 Welmy Six E Camera 001

Welmy Six W notice Green viewfinders

Japanese Six (6×6)
Postwar models (edit)
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rigid or collapsible
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Japanese 6×6 TLR, pseudo TLR and medium format SLR ->
Japanese Semi (4.5×6) and older 6×9 ->

The Welmy Six W, E, L models are viewfinder-only 6×6cm folding cameras made by Taisei Kōki 1951~3. The Mount Six is a name variant of the Welmy Six E, and the Mount Six III is a version with an uncoupled rangefinder.

Welmy Six W 6x6cm Folder:

-No.21,319 & 33,842 Both Serviced & Cleaned & Owned by Eastwestphoto:

- Strap lugs under top deck Only on the W model

-Later variants " Green Frogeyes" said to be of 1953; BUT 1953 serial numbers are in the 75,000+ range on Model Six E, so may be earlier build? 

-Unique two Green tinted viewfinders, optical direct  front Viewfinder and optical brillant top down upside down green and bright reflex viewfinder.

-Drop down Horizontal bed with a back of a Single red window,  with slide cover

-Welmy Terionar 75mm F:3.5 no.40550 in meters & Light Blue Coating (early). Unmarked B, 1~200th shutter in Black enameled bezel design.

-Welmy stamped Three section struts.

-Raised high chrome film wind Knob of quality

-Early synch post design for flashbulbs with red insulator

-Conical high chrome design winding knob, w/red arrow


-No strap Lugs under the top deck

-Early Variant- round windows with rectangular inserts of clear optical galss 

-Shutters are marked Welmy B,1~200th & Taisei koki co ltd w/ASA flash synch

-Welmy Terionar F=75mm 1:3.5. #105,752

-Welmy-Six written in Cursive on top teck with serial Number of camera.

-EP in diamond logo in accessory shoe, winding knob NOT conical shaped as W model , heavily seratted edging , satin chrome. Known serial range based on models 75,000~85,000

- variations in bezel designs on winding knobs chrome & black round lines & other film spool top deck side, w/chrome & black paint. 

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