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Vostok (Восток) is a large format view camera made by NPZ, in Novosibirsk, former USSR between 1948-51. [1]

The Vostok is one of the rarest Soviet cameras. It is probably a copy of the New Vue 4x5. A quality view camera, unfortunately discontinued because it was too expensive to make in 1948.


  • The year of manufacture, factory logo and serial number appear on the lower lens panel clip
  • Format: 9x12cm plate
  • Lenses: I-51 (Industar) 210mm f/4.5, Industar-11M 45cm f/9, interchangeable front lens board
  • Shutter: none
  • Focusing: on the groundglass, by means of a focusing knob located between two rails
  • Rotating back takes double sided film holders that can be loaded with either glass plates or sheet film
  • Back and front parts can all shifts, swings and tilts
  • The double dark-slide are made to take either glass plates or sheet film
  • Body: metal
  • Weight: 3,76kg

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. There is an unconfirmed info that some Vostok cameras made by an aviation factory in Tashkent, Uzbekistan [1]


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