Inos ıı

Inos II w/Embezet shutter

Inos II is a medium format roll film folding bed camera made by Voigtländer and produced between 1932-35.

Inos II is not the continuation of Voigtländer Inos I but descended from the Bessa of 1932 with its essential features.

G voigtlander inos II 02

Inos II w/Compur shutter


  • 1.Version: dual-format 6x9cm and 4.5x6cm on 120 film by reducing mask
  • 2.Version: dual format 6.5x11cm and 5.5x6.5cm on 116 film by reducing mask (uncommon).
  • Front cover: self erecting (a similar camera got on the market in 1932 as a version of the Zweiformat Bessa)
  • Focusing knob on the body, can be done before opening the camera
  • Lenses: Skopar or Heliar 4,5/105 (4,5/118 on 6,5x11 format)
  • Shutters: Compur or Embezet


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