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Voigtländer Bessa 66 is a folding camera, manufactured by Voigtländer& Sohn AG, Braunschweig, Germany,and produced between 1938-41 and 1945-50. Bessa 66 and Bessa 46 (4.5x6cm format) series also known as Baby Bessa.

Bessa 66 was in a long series of Bessacameras and offered with a vast combination of shutters and lenses. It was replaced by Voigtländer Perkeo in 1950, it had a more modern look.

Voigtlander Bessa 46

Bessa 46

Baby Bessa modelsEdit

There were two camera models with two sizes each in Baby Bessa series

  • Bessa 66 and Bessa 46 Deluxe model with optical viewfinder on the top plate
  • Bessa 66 and Bessa 46 with simple folding frame finder, later models optical folding frame finder


  • Film: 120 roll, picture size 6x6cm on Bessa 66 and 4,5x6cm on Bessa 46
  • Lens: offered various lenses like Voigtar 75mm f3.5, Color Heliar 75mm f/3.5, Skopar 75mm f/3.5, Heliar 105mm f/3.5
  • Hinged Voigtländer Moment yellow filter, in very early models
  • Focusing: manual front focusing, guess the distance
  • DOF scale: a turning knob, on the right of the top plate
  • Shutter: offered various shutters like Gauthier Prontor II 1-1/175, Compur Rapid
  • Cocking lever: on the lens-shutter barrel
  • Shutter release: like lever shape, on the front cover, retracted when the camera is closed
  • Viewfinder: simple folding frame finder, later models optical folding frame finder, in Deluxe models optical viewfinder
  • Others: Self-timer; Flash PC socket on the shutter; Hinged back cover w/red window; Camera leg; Tripod socket 3/8 inch; Engravings on back cover: Voigtländer logo, Bessa 66, Germany.
  • Body: metal, Weight: 471g
  • Serial no.none

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