Vivitar Model 91

The Vivitar Model 91 electronic flash c. 1964 is a very reliable and sturdy manual flash unit made by Vivitar Corporation a subsidiary of Ponder & Best, Inc. It has a cold shoe mount and a permanently affixed PC sync cord that connects to a camera's x-sync terminal. An exposure compensation dial mounted on the side is used to quickly determine camera aperture settings based on known film speed and distance to subject. On/off switch and ready light are on the back side.


  • Guide numbers:
Kodachrome II (ASA 25): 30
Kodachrome X (ASA 80): 55
Ektachrome (ASA 160): 75
  • Recycle time: 4 seconds
  • Flash duration: 1/1000 second
  • Angle of illumination:
55° horizontal
55° vertical
  • Color temperature: 6000° Kelvin
  • Power source: Four AA alkaline batteries
  • Flashes per set of batteries: 400+
  • Weight: 9 ounces

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