Vito auto1 ad

1964 Vito Automatic I Ad

The Vito Automatic was introduced in the eairly 1960's by Voigtlander . There were four models of the Vito Automatic produced all of which had selenium meters with a fixed Lanthar f/2.8 50mm lens. It is believed that Vito Automatic line was intended for the "snapshooter" marker due to it's noninterchangeable lens, automatic exposure and zone focusing.

Vito Automatic Features:

  • Manufacture: Voigtlander
  • Country: Germany
  • Years Produced: 1960-1968 (estimated)
  • Type: Ridged Body Fixed Lens
  • Film Type: 35mm
  • Lens Type: Lanthar f/2.8 50mm
  • Shutter Type: Prontor Lux 1/30 - 1/500 Bulb

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