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The Venus (ビーナス)[1] is a Japanese 6.5×9cm folding camera taking film plates. It was distributed and perhaps made by Seibidō around 1934–6.[2]

The Venus is only known from a couple of advertisements for the Semi Dymos, where it is mentioned but not pictured. An advertisement in Ars Camera January 1936 lists two versions.[3] Both have a "Heedle" (ヒーデル)[4] f/4.5 lens and cost the same price of ¥34: the Venus F (ビーナスF號) has a Rulex shutter (made by Neumann & Heilemann) and the Venus FF (ビーナスFF號) has a Light shutter. Another advertisement dated May 1936 only lists the Venus F.[5]

Notes Edit

  1. The Roman spelling "Venus" is unconfirmed but it is extremely probable.
  2. Dates: Lewis, p.48, ambiguously mentions the Super as released in 1933 or 1934 (the camera is called "Super Venus", probably because the translator confused the Super and the Venus). Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.339, lists advertisements dated 1935 and 1936.
  3. Advertisement reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.78.
  4. The lens name is ヒーデル in katakana for both models. Sugiyama, item 1176, reports a "Heedle" lens on the Masnette plate folder, whereas Lewis, p.48, mentions a "Heeder" lens — the latter source is less reliable for Roman spellings.
  5. Advertisement in Camera Art, reproduced in Nostalgic Camera by Toshio Inamura.

Bibliography Edit

The Venus is not listed in Sugiyama.

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