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The Venaret is a simple box style camera that takes 6×6 pictures on 120 film. It was made by Vena in Amsterdam, Netherlands, around 1949. It has three shutter speeds, T, 1/25s and 1/50s. The shutter is of the guillotine type. Four apertures can be selected on the front of the box; F/7.7, F/9. F/11 and F/16. The lens is a Vena-Amsterdam-Doublet 75cm/7.7. The shutter is triggered by a lever on the right.

They made 2 models, the Venaret and the Venaret Junior. The Venaret has an accessory shoe on top and came in 3 color schemes:Black front black lining, white front black lining and brown front black lining.

The Venaret Junior came in 4 different color schemes but didnt have the accessory shoe. They came in white front/black lining, black front black lining, white front green lining and black front green lining.

This is a camera where ease of production clearly prevailed over ease of use. It has a post-war material shortage feel over it.


  • A Venaret at Kurt Tauber's cameramuseum.

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