Vastfame Camera Limited is an export company in Hong Kong which is linked to a factory in Xiamen, probably Xiamen Xiangiang Plastic Co. Ltd.. This factory produces toy digicams and accessories for normal digital cameras. The company produces further toy cameras for 35mm film as well as simple underwater cameras and single-use cameras. The most exciting product line are accessory lenses for normal digital cameras, including fish-eye, super-wide and wide angle as well as telephoto and even mirror lenses.




  • UW series (underwater single use cameras and underwater point-and-shoot cameras with reusable housing)
  • single-use cameras
  • m.CAM (point-and-shoot)
  • JELLY cam series (toy cameras)
  • CANDY camera and Character Camera fancy cameras
  • Action4 (action sampler, 4in1 frame)
  • RObOT3 (action sampler, 3in1 frame)
  • twinkle2 (action sampler, 2in1 frame)


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