VOOMP was an union of Soviet camera and mechanical factories in Leningrad.

In 1929 the Council of Labour and Defence of the USSR decided to join all optical and mechanical factories of the era under the same name, "Union Trust opto-mechanical enterprises" (VTOMP), (= Всесоюзный Трест Оптико-Механических предприятий ВТОМП).

In 1930 VTOMP name changed as the Union of Optico-Mechanical Companies (VOOMP), (=Всесоюзное объединение оптико-механической промышленности, ВООМП).

Under this name a small number of cameras and lenses were produced in the pre-war years, like folder Fotokor-1 and VOOMP II Pioneer (one of the first Leica II copies made in the Soviet Union).

In 1932 the company was renamed again as "State Optical Mechanical Plant (GOMZ).

In the transition times, VOOMP and very early GOMZ logos are seen together on the Fotokor-1 cameras.


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