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Hi, i am not too sure how to do this yet and it looks as though i may have to do a little re arranging i was hoping to upload some photos to share with you and i am uncertain if they are available to be seen or not, it seems i probably should have added them to this particular page but i added it, i believe, to my profile!

If, by chance, you were able to see them, feel free to leave any comments you desire in regard to them! I love to hear what people think, good or bad, it's all about learning and eduction, at least for me it is!

I am currently a student of Professional Photography. I attend a fantastic school called NYIP (New York Institute of Photography), a school that has been educating Photographers for over 100 years! Quite impressive, at least it was to me! I am learning so much and really love to go over my lessons and can't wait to compelte the course, I am now about 3/4 of the way into the course...there is still much to learn and I realize that Photography will be an ongoing learning experience and look so forward to the journey.

To me, when someone chooses me to photograph for them, in whatever capacity, i first take it as such an honor. I believe it to be such a priviledge to be asked and i always give it 100%. After all, these are memories that i am being asked to record and i always hope i do so with the creativity and respect that each individual clients deserves, and i hope each person i shoot for will walk away with a good feeling and confident that i worked hard for them and with smiles every time they see their photos, from the first look to the occasional sentimental gaze later on.

Well, it's late now and so i am going to go for now, I will be happy to enter some information blogs after this, i just felt an introduction was a good start, i hope that i am doing this correctly,

The first page will be about Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO.

Be happy and until next time:

Peace and Laughter:


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