Unibox Unibox00 1


UNIBOX. Swedish manufacturing. Produced in 1950 in a series of about 40,000 copies by AB Fritz Weist & Co.

Camera housing made ​​of bakelite. Small workshops around the country produced parts of the equipment and installation was made in Stockholm.

The trigger is placed just under the letter "U". The shutter can be used in two modes: T for time (B) and M for a preset speed around 1/8s.

Two eyed waist-level finder box camera. Film 6x6cm on 620 film.

Unibox Unibox00 2

Unibox. Camera back dismounted.

Unibox Unibox00 3

Unibox. Two eyed waist-level camera.

Unibox Unibox00 4

Unibox. Nice leather case.

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