USC 35

Photo courtesy of The Virtual Camera Museum

The USC 35 (made circa 1954) is a name variant of the Regula camera.

It has a Steinheil Munchen Cassar 1:2.8 45mm lens. The shutter is cocked by the film being wound, so it won't fire unless there is film in the body, or if you open the back and roll the wheel with your finger. It has a Vero (Vario on some other models) shutter with speeds B, 25, 50, 100 and 200. It is a viewfinder camera with a built in extinction meter. It has an exposure counter below the winding lever which can be manualy reset, and an ISO reminder under the rewind knob. It is fixed focus with a selectable apertures from f2.8 - f16 . It was made in Germany and sold in the U.S. by USC.


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