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The name Tohko Co., Ltd. appears on an advertisement for the Halma 44, Halma Flex, Halma Auto and Owla Stereo, published in 1960 in a Japanese magazine in English language.[1] It was perhaps the distributor of these cameras. The address of the Osaka headquarters is Kita-ku Dōjima Hama-dōri 1–20 (北区堂島浜通1–20), and the address of the Tokyo office is Chūō-ku Yaesu 4–5 (中央区八重洲4–5).

The name Tōkō K.K. (東光㈱) is also reported on a Japanese leaflet for the Owla Stereo; this might be the same distributing company.[2]

A company called Toko, Inc. or Tōkō K.K. (東光㈱) currently (2008) exists; it has its headquarters in Tokyo and makes electronic components. It is not known if it is related.

Notes Edit

  1. Advertisement published in Camerart, reproduced in this page at The date is unconfirmed.
  2. Name reported in this page at Dekoyama's Stereo website.

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