The Photo Miniature: a monthly magazine of photographic information was a photography magazine initially published monthly until around World War I, then published less frequently thereafter until the 1930s. The first issue was in April 1899 and it ceased with issue 205 in May 1932. A few further issues appeared as the "New Photo Miniature" sporadically thereafter. It was edited by John A Tennant and published in New York by Tennant & Ward. It was marketed in London by Dawbarn & Ward until circa 1911 and by other agents thereafter. Each issue covered a single topic, usually in a single article filling most of the issue. The remainder of most issues is then filled with short paragraphs on current events and some adverts. Many issues were illustrated where the topic so required. Due to popular demand many issue numbers were reprinted a number of times and some issue numbers were rewritten and reissued to bring them up to date while they remained in print.

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