Wrong picture according to text Edit

This picture shows Contaflex super(old style) not Contaflex B or BC. It is the TEXT which ought to be changed depending on the contents on lower level!

Added by Peroloferiksson on Feb 10, 2007

Thank you for noting this. The pictures were indeed put at the wrong place. I don't understand fully why the text should be changed? --Rebollo fr 20:45, 9 February 2007 (EST)

Hello! Newer mind! I thought that every picture had it's own editing, but you manage obviously to do the right to fix the problem. Per-Olof

Regarding the section:

"The new body of the Super (new) and Super B allowed to take magazine backs, interchangeable with a partly exposed film inside. But of course the new film backs were wider as the redesigned cameras were."

This is not correct.  The camera bodies became longer with the introduction of the Rapid and Super. Magazine backs therefore will not fit the Contaflex III & IV models, however they will fit all later Tessar models, Ie Rapid; Super; New Super; Super BC/S and they are the same magazine backs. I own examples of all Tessar models bar the III, and have personally fitted magazine backs to all compatible Tessar models. Despite introduction of various features from the Rapid onwards the length of the camera bodies remained the same permitting magazine backs to be fitted to all. There were only ever two types of magazine backs made by Zeiss Ikon during this time: one for the Contaflex, and another, longer, magazine that is functionally identical for the Contarex focal plane shutter SLRs. Hope this assists.


Brett Rogers

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