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Tōkōdō (東港堂) was a Japanese company about which little is known. It reportedly advertised the Tōkō camera using the no-need-darkroom process in 1930.[1] The name similarity with Tōgōdō (Tougodo), the most prominent maker of no-need-darkroom cameras, was probably intentional.

Notes Edit

  1. Date and attribution of the Tōkō to Tōkōdō: Awano, p.7 of Camera Collectors' News no.317, quoting the book Nihon Shashinshi Nenpyō (日本写真史年表).

Bibliography Edit

  • Awano Mikio (粟野幹男). "Tougō kamera (4)" (トウゴーカメラ[4], Tougo cameras [4]). In Camera Collectors' News no.317 (November 2003). Nishinomiya: Camera Collectors News-sha. Pp.7–12.

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