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The Super Sport Dolly is a self-erecting folding camera for 120 film rolls, made by Certo in the late 1930s. At least some models have a removable lens and shutter unit, exchangeable with a telephoto lens.

Viewfinder model Edit

The viewfinder model has a folding optical viewfinder on the side and either front-cell focusing or unit focusing. It can make 6x6cm or, by means of a mask, 4.5×6cm exposures.

Model C, for plates and rollfilm Edit

The model C can take 4.5×6cm film plates too, via an insert on the back. There is a lever under the lens to adjust the position of the front standard for proper focusing when switching from one medium to the other.

Rangefinder model Edit

The rangefinder version has a coupled rangefinder and an extinction meter at the top; it always has unit focusing by a helical placed behind the shutter.

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