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Sunpak Interface Module KX-1D

The Sunpak Interface Module KX-1D is designed for all Sunpak 'D' series flash units and coupled with Konica FT-1/FS-1, FC-1, FP-1 cameras or all standard 35mm hot shoe mount cameras.


Automatic Distance Range:

  • 422D:

ASA 25,

f/5.6, 0.5~2.7m (1.6~8.5ft.)
f/11, 0.5~1.3m (1.6~4.3ft.)

ASA 100,

f/5.6, 0.7~5.3m (2.3~17ft.)
f/11, 0.5~2.7m (1.6~8.5ft.)

ASA 400,

f/5.6, 1.4~10.6m (4.6~34ft.)
f/11, 0.7~5.3m (2.3~17ft.)
  • 322D:

ASA 25,

f/5.6, 0.5~2.1m (1.6~7ft.)
f/11, 0.5~1m (1.6~3.6ft.)

ASA 100,

f/5.6, 0.7~4.2m (2.3~14ft.)
f/11, 0.5~2.1m (1.6~7ft.)

ASA 400,

f/5.6, 1.4~8.4m (4.6~28ft.)
f/11, 0.7~4.2m (2.3~14ft.)


Dedicated Operation:

  • Shutter speed dial setting (on camera):
FT-1/FS-1: Set the shutter speed dial to any position.
FP-1: No setting due to no shutter speed dial.
  • Mode selector switch (on flash): Set the mode selector switch on the flash body to the "*" position.
  • Dedicated Aperture setting (on dedicated module): Set the dedicated switch on the shoe module to either f/5.6 or f/11.
  • Aperture setting: Set the aperture ring to the 'AE' or 'EE' position.

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