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Sunpak is currently a maker of electronic flash units but have done other products in the past.



110 CamerasEdit


Older FlashGuns Edit

  • Sunpak GX14
  • Sunpak Auto 200
    • also sold as Boots Photoflash Auto 2000
  • Sunpak Auto 220 (1970, 2037A JAPAN)
    • also sold as Boots Photoflash Auto 2200
  • Sunpak 422 D
  • Sunpak Auto 36DX (Thrysistor)
  • Sunpak Auto 144PC
  • Sunpak Auto 266D

Hammerhead Edit

  • Sunpak Auto 622
  • Sunpak Auto 522

Modern FlashGuns Edit

  • Sunpak 266D
  • Sunpak 333D
  • Sunpak 344D
  • Sunpak 355AF
  • Sunpak Auto 30DX
  • Sunpak Auto 383
  • Sunpak Auto 411
  • Sunpak 433D / 433AF
  • Sunpak MZ440AF
  • Sunpak 555
  • Sunpak 622 Pro
  • Sunpak 2000-DZ
  • Sunpak 4000AF
  • Sunpak 5000AF
  • Sunpak PZ5000


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