Summit[1] Shōkai (サミット商会) was a Japanese distributor in the 1950s, based in Kōjimachi, Tokyo.[2] It was selling the Mirax reflex housing and Focabell bellows in 1953, both made by Orion Seiki. At the same time, it was also selling the Mitsubishi Dichrom polarizing film, and the Peak[3] products.

Notes Edit

  1. Inferred from the katakana サミット, samitto.
  2. The exact address was Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku Kōjimachi Hanzōmon Denteimae (東京都千代田区麹町半蔵門電停前). Source: advertisements in Asahi Camera September 1953 (p.190), October 1953 (p.217) and November 1953 (p.194).
  3. Inferred from the katakana ピーク, pīku.

Bibliography Edit

  • Asahi Camera. Advertisements by Summit Shōkai in September 1953 (p.190), October 1953 (p.217) and November 1953 (p.194).

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