The Stereo Master (ステレオマスター) is a set of accessories sold and perhaps made by the Japanese company Tōkyō Kamera in 1953.

The set consists of a prism attachment, called the B.S. attachment (B.S.アッタチメント), to place in front of the camera lens, and a stereo viewer, called the B.S. viewer (B.S.ビュアー). It was advertised as a new product in the September to November 1953 issues of Asahi Camera.[1] In the picture, the prismatic device attached to a Leica-type camera, which seems to have a special frame showing the field of view for 18×24mm exposures — this frame was perhaps supplied with the attachment. No actual example has yet been observed, and it is unknown if the device can fit other cameras as well.

Notes Edit

  1. Advertisements in Asahi Camera September 1953, p.200, October 1953, p.228, and November 1953, p.200.

Bibliography Edit

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