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Camera industry in Munich
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Steinheil was a German optical company. It made camera lenses from the XIXth century until at least the 1970s.

In 1866 it invented the Aplanat lens.

Steinheil made a few cameras at various times, and during the late 1940s, it developed an advanced 35mm camera with interchangeable lenses, the Casca.

Cameras Edit

  • Alto-Stereo-Quart (1903)
  • Alto-Stereo-Quart III (1905)
  • Alto-Stereo-Quart IV (1905)
  • Boxkamera
  • Casca I
  • Casca II
  • Daguerreotypie-KA
  • Detektiv-Camera (c1890)
  • Detectiv-Camera Stereo (Stereo Detective Camera; c.1896)
  • Detektiv-Geheim-Kamera (? a separate model to Detektiv?)
  • Folding plate camera (c.1930)
  • Klappkamera Stereo (Folding Stereo)
  • Kleinfilm-Kamera Mod.I and Mod.II
  • Multo-Nettel (1907)
  • Rocktaschenkamera (Pocket camera)
  • Steinheil Speed Camera (c.1933; 3x4 and 4x5cm versions)
  • Spectrographen Kamera
  • Tropical Camera (Klappkamera Tropen)
  • Universal Kamera

List of lenses Edit

Some trademarks used by Steinheil:

  • Cassar
  • Cassarit
  • Cassaron
  • Culmigon
  • Culminar
  • Orthostigmat
  • Quinar and Tele-Quinar
  • Quinaron
  • Quinon
  • Triplar

Some Heliostar lenses are engraved "M. Steinheil München", but there is some doubt on their origin.

See also:

Cameras using a Steinheil lens Edit

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