Steiner-Optik GmbH is a renowned maker of binoculars. The company is based in Bayreuth (Frankonia, Germany). In the past it was also known as maker of good camera lenses. Companies like Franka and Vredeborch sold some of their cameras with lenses from Steiner.

Steiner made two cameras:

  • Steinette (1956) - also called
    • Brelland (1958 - sold by Foto Brelle in Cologne)
    • Hunter 35 (sold by R. F. Hunter in Britain)
    • Reporter (1958 - sold by Kaufhof stores in Germany)

Bibliography Edit

  • Heimatbeilage zum Oberfränkischen Schulanzeiger, Bayreuth Februar 2008 Nr. 334: Fotogeräte und -zubehör aus Oberfranken - Spurensuche, Teil 2: Die anderen Namen Author: Bernd Arnal, Editor: Government of Oberfranken ([1])
  • McKeown p903 in 2005 (12th) edition

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