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Japanese 6×6 TLR
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For the Kodak 127 twin-lens camera, see Kodak Brownie Starflex. For the other Starflex advertised by Ueda from 1940 to 1943, see Starflex (wartime).

The postwar Starflex is a Japanese 6×6 TLR, only known from a couple of surviving examples. It looks similar to other TLR cameras made by Tougodo, like the Toyocaflex, of which it was perhaps a rebadged variant. It has an unnamed shutter (B, 1–300), a Tri-Lausar Anastigmat 8cm f/3.5 taking lens and a Tri-Lausar Viewer 8cm f/3.5 viewing lens. The name STARFLEX is written on the nameplate in capital letters.

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The camera is listed in Sugiyama or Kokusan kamera no rekishi.

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