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Starblitz is a brand of electronic flash units for film cameras made by Fuji Koeki Corporation in Japan.

In 2004, the brand was sold to Arkofoto, a Spanish wholesaler which intends to enlarge its products portfolio to photography accessories, including tripods, batteries, filters ...

In 2014, the brand was sold again. This time to "World Accessoires", a French company, which keeps on selling a full range of photography accessories.

A new website (available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Potuguese) is under construction.

Dedicated models Edit

  • DFC for Canon

    Starblitz 3600 DS with detached hotshoe

  • DFNi for Nikon
  • DFM for Minolta
  • DTZ – multi dedicated


Some Starblitz flashes use dedication modules similar to the SCA-300 system

  • Starblitz 3800 DFS/DEF

    Starblitz 3600 DS with Canon hotshoe

  • Starblitz 3600 DS
  • Starblitz 2800 DF
  • Starblitz 2400 DF

Modules Edit

External links Edit

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