SilverFast is software for scanning, digital photography and image processing, developed by LaserSoft Imaging.

SilverFast DC is a stand-alone software solution for digital camera image processing. It contains features for reading the image data from the camera, for processing, optimization and archiving the images on the computer, as well as for printing the edited images.

  • SilverFast DC SE - for Beginners
  • SilverFast DC VLT - the Virtual Light Table
  • SilverFast DC Pro - for Professionals
  • SilverFast DC Pro Studio - for Experts

All DC versions include a virtual light table for organizing, managing and manipulating (for example color temperature regulation, exposure adjustment and red-eye correction) the images. The user can create photo archives and albums, add comments to images, generate contact sheets of the complete view port and produce or print single pictures in high resolution and in variable sizes.

SilverFast DC Pro has the functionality of the scanner-software SilverFast Ai for digital images. Supported are the standard image formats like JPEG and TIFF, but also the unprocessed raw image format. As a matter of their high dynamic range raw images are an ideal base for image processing. The access to the raw data allows to do color corrections or sharpenings manually instead of using the camera's automatic, which often does not work perfectly. SilverFast DC supports Adobe DNG and many camera models of the most renowned manufacturers; some of them optimized by special camera profiles. With the included IT8-target individual ICC profiles can be self-made for every camera.

SilverFast DC Pro contains additional features like the automated color optimization AACO, support for JPEG 2000, unsharpmasking USMPlus, CloneTool, and an improved PrinTao module with text- and layout-functions.

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