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Shiono Hō Shōten or Shiono Yoshi Shōten (鹽野芳商店)[1] was a Japanese company active in 1939. It sold the Phosto combined range and viewfinder and other Phosto accessories.

Notes Edit

  1. The first name 芳 can be read Hō or Yoshi.

Bibliography Edit

  • Nihon Shashin Kōgyō Tsūshin (日本写真興業通信). Hyaku-gō goto jūkai no kiroku (百号ごと十回の記録, Ten records, every hundred issues). Tokyo: Nihon Shashin Kōgyō Tsūshin Sha (日本写真興業通信社), 1967. No ISBN number. Advertisement on p.55, corresponding to p.21 of the December 15, 1939 issue.

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