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The Shackman multishot 102 is a variation of the 4-frame Polaroid Miniportrait passport camera. It allows the user to create two "stereoscopic" images on one piece of 8.5×10.8cm instant film, nowadays manufactured by Fuji. Instead of shooting "doubles", the user can choose to cover each lens in order to capture two entirely separate subjects; a useful tool for artistic juxtapositions or simply to gain the value for money of two images per sheet of film.


  • Manufacturer: Shackman
  • Rigid black plastic box with Polaroid back.
  • Twin lenses with aperture range f/11-64.
  • Recommended focus distance: 43 inches (1.1m).
  • Mechanical shutter. Speed is fixed at what looks like 1/125s or 1/60s.
  • Socket for sync flash, with two cold shoes.
  • Tripod socket.
  • Requires standard cable release.
  • No batteries required.

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