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Shōwa Kōden Kenkyūjo (昭和光電研究所) was a Japanese company which made exposure meters in the mid-1950s. It produced the Novar meters, its range in 1955 consisting of the Novar II (¥2,900) and Novar Mascot (¥2,300).[1]

Notes Edit

  1. Column in Photo Art no.80, June 1955, p.103.

Bibliography Edit

  • Photo Art rinji zōkan: Kamera akusesarī zensho (フォトアート臨時増刊・カメラアクセサリー全書, Photo Art special issue: All the camera accessories). June 1955, no.80 of the magazine. "Denki roshutsukei" (電気露出計, Electric exposure meters). Pp.102–3.

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