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The Selecta is a heavy 35mm viewfinder camera made by German manufacturer Agfa, introduced in 1962. It has shutter priority automatic exposure, using a selenium light meter, with manual override.

In use, the film speed is set between 10 and 250 ASA (11-25°DIN) on a dial on the top plate, and the shutter speed selected between 1/30s-1/500s. Pressing the shutter release operates a trap-needle-type control of the aperture, which is shown in a green disc in the lower-right of the viewfinder. When there is insufficient light, the disk is red. The aperture can be set to auto, a manual setting between f2.8 and f22 marked for flash, or on a scale between f22 and f2.8 which sets the shutter to B. There is also a self-timer, set by a lever to the right of the lens, and a cable release socket on the top plate.

The lens has three click stops for zone focusing labelled with icons for two heads, a couple with a child, and mountains, and also - oddly - a marking for 1m/3¼feet.

  • Manufacturer: Agfa
  • Introduced: 1962
  • Shutter: Prontor-Matic-P, 1/30-1/500 + B + flash sync & self-timer
  • Lens: Color Apotar, 45mm/f2.8

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