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The Seiki 16 is a Japanese subminiature taking 10×14mm pictures on 16mm film, made by Seiki Kōgaku in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

Description Edit

The Seiki 16 has an oval shape. The pictures published so far show the camera standing upright,[1] but it actually has a horizontal design, conceptually similar to the Mamiya 16 from which it was surely inspired. The top and bottom plates are metal finished, and there is leatherette covering all around. The folding frame finder is attached to the body side, at the far left (as seen by the photographer).

The camera takes 16mm film in Mamiya 16 cassettes, certainly loaded through the bottom plate. All the controls emerge from a very thin casing attached to the top plate, a configuration similar to that of the Mamiya 16. From right to left, there is a lever to advance the film, certainly cocking the shutter at the time, a release button, a small window for an exposure counter, a wheel for manual reset of the counter, a speed index with 100, 50, 25, B positions, and an aperture index from 3.5 to 11. The casing is engraved Seiki and SEIKI KOGAKU CO. The lens is a fixed Seek Anastigmat 25mm f/3.5, focused by turning the front rim.

Notes Edit

  1. Pictures in McKeown, p.884, and in Sugiyama, item 5133.

Bibliography Edit

The Seiki 16 is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.

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