Schmidt Shōten (シュミット商店) was founded in Tokyo in 1896 by Paul Schmidt.[1] The company was the distributor (総代理店) of the Leica cameras in Japan in the late 1920s and 1930s. The company evolved into the Schmidt Electronics Group, which currently (2010) still exists.

Distributed products Edit

  • Leica cameras
  • Collex (コレックス) processing tank[2]

Notes Edit

  1. Official company history.
  2. Column in Asahi Camera August 1936, p.377.

Bibliography Edit

  • Asahi Camera. Advertisement by Schmidt Shōten in June 1932 (p.A31).
  • Asahi Camera August 1936. "Atarashii kikai to zairyō" (新しい機械と材料, New equipment and machinery). P.377.
  • Shashin Salon. Advertisement by Schmidt Shōten in January 1934.

Links Edit

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