Saulutė (Daisy in Lithuanian) electronic flashes were made by the V.I. Lenin Calculating Machines Factory of Vilnius in Soviet Socialistic Lithuanian Republic. Two types were marketed in 1970s-1980s.

The Saulutė was a simple flash unit similar to the popular FIL-41, Foton or Chaika-2 flashes - it was powered with 220 V AC mains, used an U-shaped tube giving it a guide number of 19 m for 100 ASA film (16 m for 65 GOST) and lighting angle of 60 degrees; it could be synchronized by both the hot shoe or a fixed sync cord. The flash had dimensions 73x50x88 mm and weighted 300 g. Two variants of the Saulutė existed - one had a rotating calculator for establishing the correct exposure, the other - a simple chart.

The Saulutė-2 was a more advanced construction - its head could be rotated up to 90 degrees to the sides or 60 degrees upwards. The flash was powered by 220 V AC mains (or a 300 V DC battery power pack), had a guide number of 21 m for 100 ASA (18 m for 65 GOST) and lighting angle of 50 degrees. It was synchronized by a hot shoe. The flash had dimensions of 71х57х179 mm and was 400 g heavy.

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