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The GX-10 is a digital SLR introduced by Samsung in 2007, clone of the Pentax K10D.

Its main features are :

  • Digital SLR with a 10 >Megapixels sensor
  • built-in image stabilizer (OPS)
  • built-in sensor cleaning system
  • waterproofed body
  • highly customizable functions

The minor differences with the K10D are :

  • square buttons on the back instead of rounded ones
  • pictures can be saved in jpeg and/or Adobe DNG raw format, but not in Pentax proprietary raw format
  • the pentax battery grip does not perfectly fit with the GX10 that needs the Samsung SBG-D1V grip. All other K10D accesorries are compatible with the GX-10.
  • the GX-10 needs its own firmwares and cannot use the K10D firmwares

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