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Tony portrait

"Definitely not a Samoca M-35 here,but a great lens,none the less"

Tony just had a senior couple come into his shop in Warragul with a boxed 'Mint Condition" Samoca M-35 Camera,Complete with it's original leather case,and with a Consignment docket from "The Melbourne Fire Office",dated 25.08.1960 [Must surely be some history there,thought I...]

Anyhow,they wanted to see if it still worked so asked me to check it for them,which I did.".IT WORKED FINE" so the Lady in particular wanted to see if it could stil take photos,so off they went to get some film,which I susequently loaded for her..

I gave her a quick lesson on settings,in particular the diamond shaped rangefinder(split image) system for focussing and the settings for manual exposure to try..[the instruction book was complete as well,but verbal advice suited the Lady better..]

..We await for some masterpiece-ish results,supposed to be a really crisp lens there...

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