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Germany 1949, four years after the end of WWII and the country is still in ruins. A 1944 bombing raid had destroyed the Braunschweig factory. Francke&Heidecke, who introduced their succesfull Rolleiflex in 1928, start a series of improvements on the well appreciated camera. The Rolleiflex 2.8A sees the light of day.

Common features Edit

All Rolleflex 2.8 cameras have a Compur shutter with at least B, X-sync and speeds from 1-1/500s. Only exception is the first version of the 2.8A. All models have a winding lever that stops at the first exposure. All accept at least 120 film, models from the 2.8F (#2.455.000) onwards also take 220 film.

Rolleiflex 2.8A Edit

The Rolleiflex 2.8A is the first one with the larger aperture taking lenses.

Version 1

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